Our Story

Triactive Media started as consulting company for Prophet 21 distributors utilizing the Epicor B2B Seller E-Commerce product. We created responsive redesigns and functionality enhancements on top of the existing plan, thus extended the life of the B2B Seller product.

Today, Triactive Media is a software company. We have tailored-made solutions based off years of experience with our P21 B2B Seller distribution and wholesale customers. We have solutions to alleviate your e-commerce concerns. We have solutions to evolve your eCommerce into a product you will continue to be proud of and grow in the future. We are not just designers -- we're distribution eCommerce and Prophet 21 integration experts. We develop much needed software to solve todays distribution and wholesale eCommerce needs. Our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce. We are there for our customers, and no matter what, we are always available for them.

"Our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce."

Why Triactive

When talking about eCommerce, is anything as important as growing your web presence without disrupting your daily business. Sometimes the hardest part of building your eCommerce presence is finding the right partner to make the transition seamless.

Because Triactive has been working with Prophet 21 distributors and wholesalers for years, we understand what it takes to maximize the investment you made on your B2B Seller product without burdening your internal teams. Our main goal is to provide our partners the tools and resources required and deliver the best products and make your daily business run easier.

Company Fact Sheet

Founded 2011
Location Philadelphia Metropolitan Area
Markets Distributors using Epicor Prophet21 ERP and Epicor B2B Seller e-commerce application
Key Differentiators
  • Service. Triactive takes pride in the service level we offer our customers. We are dedicated to setting a new standard in customer service and support in the web development, e-commerce and IT sector
  • Industry-leading experience in supply chain management and e-commerce development
  • Inherent knowledge of Epicor Prophet 21 and Epicor B2BSeller software
Technical Stack
  • NET Framework: C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, Entity Framework, MVC, Web API, LINQ
  • Databases: MS SQL Server
  • Frontend/Design: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Node.js
  • Software/Utilities: B2BSeller, Epicor Prophet 21, MS Visual Studio
  • Cloud Services: Azure
  • Servers: Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Apache