Our story begins with B2B Seller, an Epicor-Built Prophet 21 integrated self-service web portal, which allowed buyers to access their P21 quotes, order history and invoices via a web browser, reducing the time and cost associated with calling or emailing a customer support representative directly. B2B Seller quickly became a popular add-on for Prophet 21, and through its life span added more functionality:

  • Item lookup with real-time pricing and availability
  • Importing P21 orders on account
  • Item category navigation
  • Credit card functionality with Element Payment Service (now Worldpay Express)
  • AR Payments
  • Anonymous Checkout

As competitive websites continued to emerge, the B2B Seller user base needed more functionality than was available from their application. Where B2B Seller excelled in Prophet 21 integration and connectivity, it lacked areas related to content management.

Paul Ahlers, as a Web Content Manager for a Prophet 21 electronics distributor, developed stopgap measures for B2B Seller to extend the functionality of the web application independent of its software developers' roadmap. With the added website tools, he successfully transitioned B2B Seller from a costly self-service portal to a critical sales component for his company. As a result of the company's success, Paul become an educator at the Prophet P21 World Wide User Group (P21WWUG) and presented at classes for distributors on how to achieve success with Prophet 21 and B2B Seller E-Commerce.

As more companies discovered the possible successes of B2B Seller, so did their need in acquiring talent to execute the job.

In 2011, Paul created Triactive Media in response to this demand

Triactive and Customers Build Success with B2B Seller

As soon as our door opened for business, the focus was to expand quickly, yet responsively to continue to meet the ever-growing demand for us to provide B2B Seller services. Through our conversations with multiple distributors, we learned that although each customer had requirements unique to them, many had similar needs in areas where B2B Seller was lacking, so a framework was developed to sit on top of B2B Seller, providing enhancements such as:

  • Full mobile-friendly redesigns
  • Search enhancements and search suggestion dropdowns
  • Item, category and marketing page administration tools
  • UPS and Fedex integrations
  • Up-selling and cross-selling views

Through the years of continuous recognition and expansion, Triactive became the de-facto solutions provider for all things B2B Seller-- working with over 100 Prophet 21 distributors from the East to West Coast, Canada, Hawaii and Australia.

The Fall of B2B Seller and Rise of Phoenix

During the Summer of 2014, Epicor announced the next-generation e-commerce product for Prophet 21, E-Commerce Connect (ECC). It consisted of proprietary middleware components which would connect the Epicor Prophet 21 ERP with a well-known e-commerce product Magento, currently owned by Adobe. It was also announced during that time that B2B Seller would no longer receive feature updates, but would still continue to be supported by Epicor.

In response to the announcement, Triactive and its customers recognized the need to expand a service offering outside of the now-legacy B2B Seller application. After extensive research, due to the restrictive nature of continuing to service a 3rd party product, a unanimous decision on both parties was made, and in 2018, a council consisting of 5 Prophet 21 B2B Seller customers was created for Triactive to develop a replacement B2B Seller product, later to be named Phoenix.

Phoenix was built to encompass all the B2B Seller <> Prophet 21 integrations that customers relied on, the enhancements that Triactive has built and new features and functionality to further excel the product beyond it's current capabilities.

Our Promise

Through the 12+ years in operation, we have fought and pushed through all the challenges presented to us, and continue to lead the Prophet 21 E-Commerce market in terms of knowledge, experience, and support. Although we have grown to be more than a support company, and now offer our own e-commerce product, we still, and always will operate with a support-first, customer-first ideology, because we believe great software comes from great support.

Why Choose Triactive and Phoenix as your Prophet 21 E-Commerce Solution?

  • We have 15+ years of experience with Propet 21
  • We have proven success with P21 e-commerce integration
  • We developed Phoenix in-house from scratch
  • We care and support your individual needs
  • We will troubleshoot with you in real-time

I'd like to express my wholehearted gratitude to everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Thank you for all you have helped us become. We are excited about the future of our product, company and most importantly, you.

Paul Ahlers,

Triactive Media

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