Triactive Media offers a wide variety of services to its customers. From redesigns to functionality improvements and better SEO, there is nothing we can't improve. On this page, you will see our areas of expertise plus an example of everything in action.

B2B Seller Responsive Framework

Our mobile-friendly redesign results in an optimal experience for all users of your website, no matter what kind of device they are on.

The responsive redesign is the backbone on which the rest of our services usually rest. We can take a B2B Seller website and turn it into the best-in-class, modern-looking website users are looking for. All of our site redesigns are mobile-friendly. A large majority of internet users view the web through the phone, so making sure a company's site looks amazing on every screen is something we take pride in doing.

To see a great Responsive Framework transformation of a B2B Seller site, view the project below.

All of our spotlight projects feature a responsive redesign. Click here to view them all.




Airline Consumables Distributors

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B2B Seller Plugins

B2B Seller enhancements designed to improve the functionality of your website.

When it comes to adding functionality to a B2B Seller site, our plugins are second-to-none. For any feature a customer could want, need or imagine we either have a plugin for it or can make a plugin for it. Our enhancements run the gamut of tools, functionality improvements and marketing upgrades.



Add and update item and category images on the fly.


Lets your customers rate and comment on products they have purchased.


Provide real-time freight rates from preferred shipping carriers such as UPS, Fedex and USPS.


Dynamically display preferred items throughout the web experience to upsell your customers.


B2B Seller Strategy

Creating lasting partnerships with companies to achieve their goals.

Companies come to Triactive Media not just for a better website. They want a partner, someone they can depend on to work cooperatively with. We talk with our customers, learning what they want and understanding where they intend to take their company. Then, using our years of experience working with Prophet 21 and B2B Seller companies, we build strategies together to help achieve their goals.

B2B Seller Search Optimization

Utilizing best SEO practices to get B2B Seller result pages on the front page of Google.

Search Engine Optimization is important not just for a company's web site, but for the company themselves. By improving their presence in search results, companies make their names known to more people more easily. Improving SEO can be difficult for companies with B2B Seller sites, which is where Triactive Media comes in. We know exactly what to do to reconfigure your pages to get the best possible search optimization for your site.

To see an example of us massively improving a B2B Seller site's SEO, view the project below:

City Floor Supply



Hardwood Flooring Supplier

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B2B Seller Marketing

Close opportunities with professional marketing campaigns on your B2B Seller site.

Getting customers to your site is one thing, making sure they leave with a fully-placed order is another. We can utilize enhancements, campaigns and marketing materials to draw your customers' eyes to anything you might want them to see. We can also reorder parts of your site, like item search results, to make sure your most profitable items are always front-and-center.

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