hen talking about eCommerce, is anything as important as growing your web presence without disrupting your daily business. Sometimes the hardest part of building your eCommerce presence is finding the right partner to make the transition seamless.

Because Triactive has been working with Prophet 21 distributors and wholesalers for years, we understand what it takes to maximize the investment you made on your B2B Seller product without burdening your internal teams. Our main goal is to provide our partners the tools and resources required and deliver the best products and make your daily business run easier.

If you develop a web site properly, you should expect to drive more customers to using the site. Your customers should expect to find the product information they need in the way of technical sheets, instructional videos and more. They should be able to look up their orders and account status on line 24/7/365; to find orders and tracking numbers and review their invoices.

To be able to order at any point of the day knowing their orders will be responded to and shipped readily. The user experience of a good web site ensures satisfied customers freeing up internal resources to better focus on neglected business necessities.


Triactive Media started as your typical consulting company. We were a "responsive" company. As in, customers had a request, and we would respond to it. We started to realize many of our customers had the same requests. The issues on one B2B Seller site were the same on all B2B Seller sites. As we learned more about the needs of our customers, we started to productize our service offering. We could deliver faster, change more, and make it all in a way that is plugin able. But we never lost the initial idea of always being there for our customers.

"Our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce."

Today, Triactive Media is a software company. We have tailored-made solutions based off years of experience with our B2B Seller distribution and wholesale customers. We have plugins and tools to alleviate common B2B Seller concerns. We also have tools to evolve your eCommerce into a product you will continue to be proud of and grow in the future. We are not just designers -- we're distribution eCommerce and Prophet 21 integration experts. We develop much needed software to solve todays distribution and wholesale eCommerce needs. Our mission is to be your partner for anything Prophet 21 and eCommerce. We are there for our customers, and no matter what, we are always available for them.

Triactive Media is, first and foremost, a company dedicated to the customer. As such, we have perfected our skills to meet whatever demands come at us. Our primary areas of expertise are:


With our knowledge of B2BSeller, we turn your site's design into something to be proud of.


When we get under the hood of your site we can fix, upgrade or modify anything you could possibly need.


Our extensive plugins suite has expertly-crafted enhancements that significantly improve B2B Seller sites.


Even after the initial work is done, we will continue to help your site in any way we can. We're just a phone call or e-mail away.

Almost as important as what we do to help, though, is who we are helping. We specialize in the small- to medium-sized distributors. From 3-person shops to companies with almost 700 locations, we are equipped to help customers of nearly any size. Our core services allow us to be this flexible with our clientele. We can provide the personal, one-on-one help you need without sacrificing the scope, size and quality of the work we do.

We've also worked with all positions in a company, from CEOs to Project Managers. Knowing how to communicate with our customers is a core tenet of ours, and we understand how to work with different levels of administration to get things done.


B2B Seller is a great B2B platform, but it is missing great B2C functionality. Companies want both, and feel like their options are only to leave B2B Seller which isn't true. Due to the fact that B2B Seller is on a .Net platform, it is malleable in a way that allows for extensive customization unlike many other closed-source solutions. The exception is Magento, which also has this kind of freedom since it is open source. But, that solution is lacking in B2B Prophet 21 functionality right now. So, a company's options are:

  • Stay with B2B Seller, and update it to support more B2C functionality via Triactive Media.
  • Go with Magento, but have to wait until Epicor more fully builds out its B2B functionality.
  • Go with a different solution, and risk extensive bottlenecks.
  • Go with an in-house solution, but have to spend a lot of money and resources to do so.

Customers who have B2B Seller can, with Triactive Media, add the B2C functionality they were looking for with our-already existing solutions. This would be at a reduced cost of money and time compared to switching to a whole new platform. Our customers depend on us to meet their B2C eCommerce requirements, and the reason why they stay with B2B Seller is because our solutions have always met their needs.

Take the First Step to a Better B2B Seller Site.